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In the beginning "WayC!" Is the meeting of a man and a woman, Jerome and Sonia, couple in the city and the "kitchen".
Jérôme, a native of the south, was rocked by the cuisine and tradition of Provence.
Sonia, when she was of Breto-Normano-Polish origin had the necessary distance to dust off, without ever denying the recipes of her beautiful grandmothers.

Jerome takes care of the salty part: Olives & toastinades. He selects, dines and seasoned picholines, small Nicoise and black Greek
to name a few!
On the side of toastinades, his search for taste has gradually led him to marinate his tomatoes, artichokes, olives (green and black) peppers and other Southern delicacies in garlic, basil, herbes de Provence, bouquets garnished and vegetable oil for a few days before transforming by mixing all these ingredients into (as they say here) a delicious "ointment".

Sonia is dedicated to fruit dough; it is by documenting on old manuscripts, somewhere in Auvergne, that she got her hands on an old recipe of the Xth century, a recipe of dry jam.
You are finally in the secret, the dry jam is at the origin of the fruit paste!
No aroma, no gelatin, no preservatives and no coloring, this recipe is shaped in part, with fruits from French agriculture, cooking with cauldron, wooden spatulas and delicate hands to stir the nascent elixir.
Sonia has managed to give her fruit pasta a boost of youth and to reverse the "a priori" negative fruit pasta of yesteryear.

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We are present on the markets:

From March 1st to December 31st:

  • Every Sunday morning from 8H to 12H30 The Londes The Moors 83250 downtown on avenue Georges Clemenceau.

From April 1st to September 30th:

  • On Tuesday morning from 08:00 to 12:30 GIENS (common Hyeres), market parking path of the beach 83400 Hyères.
  • Thursday morning from 8H to 12H30: THE LAVANDOU Avenue Pierre de Coubertin 83980 LE LAVANDOU
  • Friday morning from 8am to 12:30 pm: at CAPTE (Hyères commune) Avenue of the pine forest LA CAPTE 83400 HYERES

From May 15th to September 30th:

  • On Saturday morning from 8H to 12H30: THE FAVIERE (commune of the mimosas), 106 BOULEVARD OF THE FRONT OF SEA 83230 BORMES LES MIMOSAS


  • Monday morning from 8am to 12.30pm CAVALIERE (commune of Lavandou), boulevard des acacias or parking of the market 83980 LE LAVANDOU.


Quelle belle découverte ! Les produits testés sont tous succulents, parfait pour un Noël réussi ! Merci beaucoup

Margaux Brunet

Allez prendre un peux de soleil du sud de la France place St Sauveur L’anchoïade un régale LE TOP pour l'apéro en famille ou entre amis que du bonheur un air de vacance.La Brasserie L'Orchidée à Caen vous souhaite à tous de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.

Alexandre Sery

Produits excellents, on sent bien le goût des fruits et pas trop de sucre. Je recommande très fortement

Apolline Clos

Super accueil Merci Hugo et beaucoup de saveur avec des vrai produits frais hâte de découvrir le site (foire gastro Dijon)

Emile Zanetti